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Welcome to EASY FENCE Ltd

EASY FENCE Ltd manufacture & market a unique & innovative product for raising the height of a fence without removing the concrete post the Easypost recently won the prestigious Northwest invention of the year award.

To use simply remove the old fence panels fit the new taller panels slide on the Easypost which consists of two parts to each side making them telescopic once the required height is achieved fix with the self tapping screws & fit the cap which are all supplied it is that easy!!! No concrete or posts to dig out & dispose of. We also supply a complete range of corner & end post

Our standard sleeves extend from 1 metre to 1.8 metre’s. Colours are available in our Plastisol range only please email to request a colour chart

Environmentally friendly production Manufactured in the UK EASY FENCE is manufactured in the UK

Enclosed processes are used for producing the film and for coating the sheet steel. From the environmental aspect, these methods are superior to those employed for in-situ painting.

Film-laminated sheet steel can be recycled and is an important raw material in the production of new steel.

After the adhesive and underside varnish have been applied to the strip, more than 99 percent of the solvent is removed from the exhaust gases. These solvents are burned, and the combustion energy is recovered and recycled to the process, where it is used for drying the coatings.




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