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Q1: 2 of my existing posts are damaged cracked and chipped on edges, can i still use the easypost?

A1: Yes, it will simply slide over the existing concrete post and give it additional strength, to make it very solid.

Q2: Can we use any fence panel as we would like to use waney panels?

A2: yes, you can use waney panels, in fact, there isn’t a panel we have come across that wont fit, we always recommend you check with your local stockist regarding sizes of panels

All Weather Fitting

Protected and weather enhanced materials ensures long lasting effective posts.

Choice of Colours

A range of professionally chosen colours to suit any garden or surrounding.

No Maintenance

Fully self sufficient, just slide your Easy Fence posts on and you're done.

No Mess

There is nothing to clean up, nothing to remove, no mess at all.

Transform your garden today, it's Easy, with Easy Fence!